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In case you’re wondering, this particular post is part of a blog circle called the Virtual Vegan Potluck. This post is one in a series and we here at Turning Veganese encourage you to check out the other bloggers participating in the fun!

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Now for the submission part of the post: submit to our delicious bevergage!!!

Brent and I used to enjoy an Irish Car Bomb from time to time in our pre-vegan days. This is not an improvised explosive device but rather a 2 part drink meant to be mixed immediately before consumption and enjoyed as a party drink. Much to our vegan dismay, none of the ingredients (save for the whiskey) are vegan!
Irish cream and Guinness are 2 things that I miss but we’ve managed to replace Guinness with Boddington’s and the Irish cream and whiskey with a mix of almond milk and creme de cacao. If you want to get technical, Guinness’ stout is vegan but I’m not a fan of glass bottles: aluminum is cheaper to recycle.
To prepare this drink you’ll need 2 cups and 2 shot glasses. We use plastic because I’m incredibly clumsy and I have a secret fear of a heavy shot glass knocking out all my front teeth. Split the beer between the two glasses. Fill each shot glass halfway with creme de cacao and top off with almond milk. We add a little cinnamon to the top of the shot. Drop the shot into the cup immediately before drinking. We call this animal friendly drink a “Kaboo flower”.
This is Christie and Brent, signing off!
Keep Potlucking!



  1. I confess that I’ve never had one of these – well, never heard of one, either – the ingredients are really interesting! But cacao, almond milk, cinnamon – kinda has to be delicious! Thanks for sharing and being a part of the Potluck!

  2. This is awesome! I lived in Ireland for a year and was so sad I couldn’t partake in Car bombs (never call them Irish Car Bombs in Ireland unless you want to be “slagged” real good lol). Wish I’d had this recipe then!

    • I always thought it was kind of an unfortunate name. 😉 I hope you get to try it!

  3. Just making my way through the virtual vegan potluck and wanted to say hello 🙂

  4. I love Boddingtons, I used to drink it at this fabulous little hole-in-the-wall irish pub when I lived in San Diego… brings back memories 🙂 I too used to enjoy car bombs back in the day, and I never even thought about how they might not be vegan. Now I have this fabulous recipe if I ever get a craving! Thanks!

  5. Wow! Thank you for this. I also miss Irish car bomb! Never thought I can veganize it. I’ll make this for my birthday. YAY!

  6. I am not a drinker so I had no idea what an Irish Car Bomb even was…but my husband did (suprise, suprise). He is thinking about trying this! 🙂

    • Yeah. It’s not for everyone. Fortunately there were some non-alcoholic beverages in the Virtual Vegan Potluck for the more virtuous among us but happy to inspire your hubs. Brent and I are still in college in some ways and the Kaboo Flower is certainly an indication. 🙂

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