Here’s a roundup of sites we love. It’s a work in progress! If you want to be listed or you feel like we forgot you, drop us a line.

Vegan / Plant-Based

Bake and Destroy
Minimalist Baker
Vedged Out

Fork and Beans
Olives for Dinner
An Unrefined Vegan
Thug Kitchen (AWESOME photos and recipes, but lots of swearing so it’s not for the kids and NSFW)

Online Vegan Shopping

Vegan Essentials
Abe’s Market

Where to eat in Chicago if you’re vegan (and if you’re not vegan)

Bake and Destroy – Chicago’s Best Veggie Eats
The Chicago Diner
Any of Karyn’s restaurants
Delicious Cafe
Mana Food Bar
Native Foods
Ground Control
Hilary’s Cookies

Vegan Health and Beauty

Bubble and Bee
Lulu Blossom

Non-Vegan Foodie Friends

What’s Cookin’ Chicago
The Pantry Panda

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