Another One Lovely Blog and Overdue Thank Yous

Oh, boy. We got nominated AGAIN for the One Lovely Blog award, this time by methodpile over at girl sounds. Thank you thank you thank you! Christie addressed our last nomination so I’m gonna take this one and provide you with seven fresh factoids.

1. Christie mentioned that we met through Twitter. Our first conversation had something to do with an oversized t-shirt, peanut butter, and an elusive creature called a love octopus. You never know how your best friendships will begin.

2. My Mom worked in a chemistry lab for a food corporation, analyzing the nutrition value of meat products. So, I grew up on hot dogs and bologna and cold cuts and sausage.

3. I ate a pizza puff almost everyday for lunch my first semester of high school. No one accused me of being too skinny after that semester.

4. I often eat salad without any dressing, especially now because RANCH IS KING and I don’t eat ranch anymore.

5. Red wine can make me sick but red wine sangria makes me happy.

6. I don’t like wearing deodorant. That smell you’re wondering about? It’s me.

7. Roses are red, violets are blue, cooking’s more fun when you’re cooking for two (or more).

Now, on to the nominations — including long overdue shout outs to those who have nominated us for awards in the past:

1. Our first ever award nomination was from the wonderful Luminous Vegans back in February. I love this blog for the creativity of the recipes, the beautiful photos, and the personal tidbits. I aspire to be more like the lovely lady behind this blog. Thank you for our Liebster Blog Award!

2. Another overdue thanks goes to Emerging Vegan Sistah who nominated us for the Versatile Blogger Award. Transitioning to a vegan (and, in this case, potentially raw vegan) diet can be challenging, but this perspective from a “single-mother, lawyer, student and entrepreneur with an active Christian lifestyle” makes it seem easy… and FUN!

3. The Beach House Kitchen also nominated us for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you! Lee and Jane are awesome. The recipes here are way out of my league. There is a great sense of love and dedication here to good food, good people, health, and nature.

4. veghotpot has great recipes, photos, and style. There’s a lot of great personal stuff to go along with the food posts! Uber thanks to her for our Kreativ Blogger award!!

5. Filipino and Vegan. Nope, I’m not describing myself. I’m talking about the bodacious ASTIG Vegan. This blog is the bomb. I want to try making everything. Filipino food CAN be vegan AND delicious. No excuses, kababayans.

Since this is our second One Lovely Blog award in one week, I won’t list the rules again. Christie, Brent, and I appreciate all the recognition and love that we get. It’s really humbling… and also results in us giving each other virtual high-fives and shouting “F#&* YEAH!!” really loudly. Thank you to everyone who has nominated us! Be sure to check out the blogs we’ve listed.

Wooooot! –Melissa

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2 thoughts on “Another One Lovely Blog and Overdue Thank Yous

  1. leroywatson4 says:

    Hey TV, Thanks for the nomination, warmly appreciated, especially coming from you. We have just posted a ‘One Lovely Blog’ piece and will add your blog to that one, if that’s cool. We don’t wear deodorant either, we use a salt stick. They are great, natural and all. Hoooot! Lee and JaneX

  2. leroywatson4 says:

    Hello there, heres the link to our mutual appreciation circle of happiness!!! Lovely bloggers unite!

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