Sunday Bunday!

Brent and I adopted some bunnies a few weeks ago and we’re just sharing bunny cuteness.

This is not an unusual pose: they do this kind of thing ALL the time. Rabbits bond for life and these two are inseparable. They’re napping together, eating together or grooming one another or doing SOMETHING adorable. I kind of wish I could love as unconditionally as they do.

With that, I’ll give a friendly reminder to get your pets spayed or neutered and adopt instead of buying an animal. Now comes the quandary: our neighborhood has a feral cat problem. There are at least 12 that hang around our house, skulk on sidewalks and in driveways and have crazy loud cat fights/mating sessions in the middle of the night. We’ve been considering renting a trap from the city to catch the animals (which one of our neighbors feeds, unwittingly perpetuating the problem) and have them impounded. It’s likely many of them will be euthanized if they’re too wild for adoption. The alternative is to hire a service to catch, spay or neuter the animals and then re-release them into our neighborhood. We could also leave them be, but I was never one to sit back and watch a disaster unfold. What would you do?

This is Brent, Christie and the bunnies, signing off!

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