Vegan 30

People often ask me (and I know every other vegan out their is nodding their head when I say this), “No meat, no dairy and no eggs… what do you eat?” I usually answer, “Everything else”. Sometimes I’ll list off a handful of things starting with wine, olives and chocolate. Any veteran vegan knows that in a year of being vegan you eat more different kinds of food than you ever ate as an omnivore.

I was looking around the internet and discovered a few lists like this. I realized that this is an exercise everyone should try. Here’s my list of 25 vegan foods that every carnist should try and in no particular order.

1. Porcini mushrooms, picked fresh and sauteed in vegan butter and garlic

2. Fiddleheads

3. Ramps

4, Fresh lychee, rambutan and longan (possibly in a martini)

5. Cashew cheese (home-made,Punk Rawk Labs or Pure Market Express)

6. Raw, vegan macaroons

7. Vegan channa masala from a good Indian restaurant
8. Vegan pad see ew from a good Thai restaurant
9. Vegan sushi with avocado, sun dried tomato and/or sweet potato tempura.
10. A vegan burrito with all the fixings: soy or lentil chorizo, beans, plantains, cilantro, etc.
11. Vegan lasagna, raw or not with lots of tofu or cashew ricotta

12. Monster fruit

13. Vegan hot chocolate made with soy or almond milk and high quality vegan chocolate and succanat.

13. Zucchini bread from Babycakes NYC

14. Chocolate mousse from Vegan Divas (NYC)
15. Fresh picked cherry tomato and basil leaves… just put one of each in your mouth at once.

16. Vegan sweet potato gnocchi with creamy vegan mushroom sauce

17. Vegan risotto with mushrooms (morels for an extra treat), edamame (or peas if you’ve got soy allergies) and asparagus tips or button mushrooms and butternut squash
18. Fresh baked vegan museli bread (vegan French toast when it gets stale)
19. Guacamole and corn chips

20. A sandwich with spinach, hummus, kalamata olives and sliced cucumber

21. Tempeh or eggplant bacon

22. Marionberries, right off the bush

25. Roasted potatoes with vegan aoili sauce

26. Avocado drizzled with high quality balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with garlic salt.

27. Home made almond milk and cashew cream

28.Vegan cheesecake from the Chicago Diner in Chicago IL or Sublime in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
29. A hot home-made vegan quesadilla with bell pepper, tomato, onion and lots of Daiya

30. A wrap with Pure Market Express gouda, mustard, gala apple, tempeh bacon and spinach.

Okay, now I’m hungry.

This is Christie, singing off!

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