Epic Breakfast Burritos!

Brent and I have extra time to spend together on the weekends and watch our bunnies bounce around while we eat delicious breakfast food. This particular weekend we decided to make breakfast burritos instead of our usual tofu scramble and tempeh.


I did make our usual tofu scramble with some porcini mushrooms added for flare and sauteed some tempeh. I also chopped up some tomato and tomatillo which we layered on top of spring mix, scrambled tofu, tempeh and then covered with some ranchero sauce we bought.

IMG_2386We wrapped those babies up and stuffed them into our faces for a delicious messy breakfast that was full of fiber and protein and nutrients to give us energy to go and enjoy the rest of our day. What’s your weekend routine? Do you take extra time for awesome vegan breakfast?

This is Christie, signing off!

5 thoughts on “Epic Breakfast Burritos!

  1. I think I would’ve just grabbed the pan and a fork – the scramble looks fantastic!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Awesome blog you have here! Mind if I link up? Swing by my place when you have a chance! I’d love to get a visit from ya!

  3. I think vegan brunches are my favorite to make. There’s so much room for creativity, especially with tofu scrambles.

    • Kinenchen says:

      YES! I really look forward to weekends for this reason. Also… the bunnies LOVE eating the tops of scallions and cilantro stems left over from events like these. 🙂

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