Sunday Bunday!

Listen up, people; this is important. Easter is coming up and it’s when most bunnies are bought on impulse and then abandoned when they stop being cute or some hapless pet owner ends up with 30 bunnies from their original two that have to be surrendered to a shelter. Fun facts about bunnies:

1. They can give birth and get pregnant in the same HOUR!

2. They can have up to 10 babies every 28 days; that can be up to 130 bunnies a YEAR!

3. Rabbits are the third most frequently abandoned animals, according to shelters.

This particular post is to ask you to spread the word about rabbits so that people don’t thoughtlessly buy rabbits for their small children as an Easter surprise.


This is Christie, Brent and the bunnies, signing off!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Bunday!

  1. Reblogged this on The Vegan's Husband and commented:
    Pay attention, folks. Rabbits are not disposable pets.

  2. Thanks for letting me re-blog this. I’m planning to visit a rabbit sanctuary for Easter myself.

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