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One Lovely Blog

VeganMonologue recently nominated Turning Veganese for the One Lovely Blog award. I’m about to give our seven titillating tidbits. Since there are three of us working on this blog, we often find it difficult to coordinate when we get awards so I’m throwing myself headlong into addressing this little beauty.

1. I met Melissa through Twitter so this particular blog is really born of the internet.

2. As a child, my first phrase was “Somma dat, mommy!” while pointing frantically at broccoli from the shopping cart while visiting our local supermarket.

3. As a toddler, my highchair was moved to the far end of the dinner table after repeated incidents of my picking broccoli and asparagus off my sister’s plate, biting off the head and returning the stalk to her plate.

4. I was literally afraid of raw tomatoes until I was 16 years old. That summer I made myself sick eating cherry tomatoes while working on the family farm.

5. Raw carrots give me the hiccups.

6. I don’t like plain white rice.

7. I found a stray black and white kitten in a parking lot last November that had been run over by a car. It’s skull had been crushed but it was still trying to walk and was crying pathetically. I spent 30 minutes agonizing over whether I should break its neck or take it to a vet, not sure which would cause it more suffering. Please spay or neuter your pets!

Okay, that was depressing so let’s get to the fun and exciting part: nominations!

1. I recently started following Vegan Charlie and am blown away by the honesty of a personal journey. It’s a kind of honesty that’s missing from a lot of blogs about relationships with people and food. I hope you’ll check out her writing.

2. Another new follow has been girl sounds. It’s mostly graphic but with an eclectic personal twist covers some of my favorite topics: art (mostly) and food (occasionally).

3. I’ve been following making/listening for a while and it’s always a succinct foray into a meal and the music that flavored it. I suppose I’m a sucker for the elegance of suggestion rather than depiction.

4. I’ve been internet stalking Nina and the Heartbeat for months now and she always surprises me with something that can make me stop long enough to pay attention and read the whole thing. Music and vegan food from the perspective of someone who shows deep reverence for the world around her is what this blog has to offer.

5. Elle’s vegan food diary is a blog that I aspire to be more like. She covers really interesting vegan foods with exotic flare and visually stunning images. She’s given me loads of ideas and caused me to drool copiously and frequently.

There are scads of blogs that I’d love to nominate but I’m sure have already gotten the honor so I’m passing it on to these blogs in hopes that they can get more of the attention they deserve. Thanks again to Vegan Monologue for the nomination. I know I can speak for Brent, Melissa and myself when I say that we’re grateful for the recognition and our egos are currently expanding.

The Rules of One Lovely Blog:

• Link back to the blogger who nominated you

• Paste the award image on your blog, anywhere

• Share 7 facts about yourself

• Nominate 5-15 other blogs you like for this award (last time it was 5, this time it’s 15…so do what you can.)

• Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated

This is Christie, signing off!

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