Adventures in fruit: sapote say what?

This is another local favorite. It’s called sapote.

It’s got the texture of a Bartlett pear and tastes like honey soaked Asian pear. I’ll definitely get this one again. It’s a great snack: it fits in your bag (about the size of a chicken egg), it fits in your hand, it fits in your mouth. What’s not to like? The flavor is unique. I imagine that this variety of sapote might make a great sorbet… note to self: learn to make sorbet. NOM!

This is Christie, signing off!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in fruit: sapote say what?

  1. theironclad says:

    Is the entire fruit edible, or does it have a core? Is the skin okay, or is it more like kiwi where it should be avoided?

  2. Kinenchen says:

    It’s got some large black seeds that I had to remove. They were coated in a thick white waxy resin that I might remove next time I try it. I should ask at my farmer’s market if the skin is edible I avoided.

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