Stuffed Mushrooms? Shut Your Mouth! I Mean… EAT IT!

Me to Younger Version of Myself (YVoM): Guess what? I made stuffed mushrooms today.
YVoM: Shut up! Who do you think you are, Giada DeLaurentis or something?
Me: Haha. No, I’ve gone vegan and I actually cook now!
YVoM: Wait, what?
Me: I know, it’s unbelievable.
YVoM: I can’t believe you cooked stuffed mushrooms. I can’t believe you’re vegan.
Me: Listen to me. We are stronger than we think!
YVoM: Grrrreat, Future Me is still sentimental and introspective.
Me: Call the blog ‘Turning Veganese.’
YVoM: I still blog? Mmmkay. Hey, I need a photo of those mushrooms to post on the blog.
Me: Here you go.


Talking to yourself is normal, right? It doesn’t matter. The point is, cooking and eating vegetables is my new normal. I had some mushrooms that I bought over the weekend, and I really wanted to cook them today. So I Googled “mushrooms recipe vegan” and found this recipe from Healthy Vegan Recipes. It’s so easy and versatile and delicious! The stuffing is basically made up of spinach and ground toasted almonds with onions, garlic, and chopped up mushroom stems. I can’t wait to try it out with different spices and nuts. Oh, by the way, I burned my nuts when I toasted them the first time so be sure you watch them. Heh, burned nuts. I ended up with 10 stuffed button mushrooms and ate seven with them with some brown rice. Dinner was served!

I kind of love being vegan. xoxo… Melissa

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5 thoughts on “Stuffed Mushrooms? Shut Your Mouth! I Mean… EAT IT!

  1. Hehe – I admit I did a double-take on “I burned my nuts.” Shame on me ;-)!

  2. I too giggled at “burned nuts.” I’m mature. 🙂 your conversation with younger-you sounds just just like a conversation I would have with younger-me! Younger-me would be all, “what? you cook now? do you also vacuum in heels, ms. 50s housewife?” 🙂

  3. luminousvegans says:

    These look like perfect hordourves (how the heck to you spell that word?) for a party! They belong on the cover of a food magazine. And yeah, burned nuts suck. 😉

    • Melissa says:

      Yes! These would be great as hor… hors… um, appetizers! They were so easy to make and really flavorful. Almost worth burning your nuts.

      • Kinenchen says:

        For goodness sake, don’t tell Brent. He might stop helping me! He’s a big fan of nuts and very protective: particularly almonds.

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