Fruity Popsicles!

I love good food. In order to keep fitting into my same pants, I also exercise regularly. Those of you who have a rigorous work out routine, might have noticed that you can find yourself ravenously hungry within the hour after a strenuous exercise session. Fortunately most of my vigorous activities occur between the end of my work day and dinner so I’m mostly safe there but when I get home from the gym and have to wait to eat I like to have a snack that won’t spoil my appetite for something else nutritious later or ruin all of my hard work with empty calories. Notice, our hero has found a solution!
A good 6 popsicle mold costs $10-15 at your local home goods store and is a great way to create such a snack. I just get whatever fruit is in season, slice it if necessary (or even puree it in the blender), pop it into the mold and fill it up the empty spaces with coconut water (something that <a href=”>NevadaGirl</a&gt; also champions as a delicious post workout hydrator).I don’t endorse any particular brand. I just look for the best bang for my buck.
This style of popsicle will replenish some electrolytes, a little sugar, give you a little fiber and some vitamins to help you recover from your exercise session in the form of a cool refreshing snack. The combinations are endless so you’ll never get bored.
Blueberries and kiwi is my favorite, but mixed berries and lime mango are close second place winners. If you want a protein pop, use soy milk instead of coconut water (in your blender with carob or chocolate powder if you’re so inclined).
Chocolate blueberry, banana, or cherry pops are irresistible as far as I’m concerned. Heck, how about all three? Have a happy work out, folks!
This is Christie and Brent, signing off.
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5 thoughts on “Fruity Popsicles!

  1. Oooh, yum. I was hellbent on buying some popsicle molds once I came across a frozen sangria popsicle recipe last week… but, well, this sounds much healthier. 😉

  2. Kinenchen says:

    I will not judge anyone who enjoys a little booze in their frozen fruit. Personally, I’m looking forward to mango/lime/cilantro margarita pops when mango comes into season shortly.

    • Maybe that’s why the mango I bought a month ago was icky. Didn’t realize they weren’t in season yet! I had never purchased a mango before and they were on sale so I assumed it was mango time. I guess I’ll have to try again in a few weeks!

      • Kinenchen says:

        You can get them in season from Haiti starting in January and from Mexico starting in a late March, but I’m partial to cheap (sometimes free) local/Florida ones which come into season in April. Ripe mango should have mostly yellow/orange/rosy skin and a few black freckles and they smell how they taste, so use your nose as well as your eyes when you pick out little delicious friends to take home and make into delectable noms… Okay, I’m drooling.

  3. nevadasgirl says:

    I can’t wait to try this. Thank you for posting, looks delicious, refreshing, light in calories and yummy

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