Being Vegan is Easy at Over Easy Cafe

Dining out when you’re vegan is generally a challenge, but it seems to be even more of a challenge when going out for breakfast. Pre-vegan, I would get overwhelmed at the vast breakfast/brunch selection at some restaurants. Now I go to those same places and get frustrated because the only vegan thing on the menu is a bowl of fresh fruit.

This morning, I perused several prospects in the hopes of finding a place that would please both myself and my non-vegan dining companions. I was really glad to come across Over Easy Cafe. Why? Because they have a tofu scramble on the menu! My Mom and niece didn’t have to be weirded out by menus that vegan/vegetarian places tend to have (let’s admit it… sometimes supremely vegan spots can be kind of weird for those who aren’t vegan) and I was able to enjoy a hearty vegan breakfast.

The Spicy Tofu Scramble consists of tofu scrambled with “chorizo” spiced veggie crumbles, red peppers, & jalapenos, topped with salsa verde & guacamole. It came with a red potato hash and a choice of whole wheat, multi-grain, sourdough, or rye toast. Let me pause here and mention that I’m not certain that the veggie crumbles were vegan and I didn’t think to ask when I was there.  Um, it was delicious. Here’s a close-up:

I hope that more places will follow the lead of Over Easy Cafe and come up with at least one vegan/vegetarian-friendly dish on their menu. It makes a huge difference.

If you’re in Chicago, try out Over Easy Cafe! –Melissa

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7 thoughts on “Being Vegan is Easy at Over Easy Cafe

  1. aliasviolet says:

    Yum! Shame this place is so far from me – you’ve made me hungry! Gorgeous photos

  2. Playful foodist says:

    I can see how that would be frustrating… I just never go out for breakfast so I usually don’t have that problem…

  3. That tofu scramble looks delicious. Speaking of vegan Chicago breakfast, have you been to the Chicago Diner? I went for the first time yesterday. Loved it! Too bad it’s such a trek for me to get to the city… one metra ride and one el ride later (nearly 2 hours), we were ready to enjoy our brunch. :/ It was worth it though.

    • Melissa says:

      Yes! I took Christie to the Chicago Diner when she was here last year. It’s walking distance from my condo!! Would love to meet you there for brunch one day 🙂

  4. Your breakfast looks awesome. I just commented on my most recent blog post about how it can be a pain to find good vegan food when eating out. so it’s awesome that you have such a great place. Thankfully we have a great vegan restaurant near us, but I know what it is to have to hunt for food.

    This place looks great. Maybe Chicago will have to be a travel destination. . .

    • Melissa says:

      There are a lot of great vegan spots here in Chicago! And it’s a GREAT travel destination. Not just saying that cuz I live here. 🙂

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