Vegan Lifestyle: Shoes

We here at Turning Veganese could write many posts about shoes, handbags, and other accessories, and how turning vegan has changed how we shop. This post is about one particular brand of shoe: TOMS.

TOMS are pretty popular these days, but they first ended up on my radar when I was searching for vegan boots. They make a pretty damn cool vegan boot:


It was disappointed to then learn that their classic slip-on shoes are not vegan, though they do have some vegan styles. This is so exciting to me. I have two pairs of TOMS, one classic and one ballet flat, and I was finally able to get a pair of the vegan chambray slip-ons. They were on backorder for a long time!


While I wish TOMS was exclusively vegan, I have to appreciate that they make vegan products at all and are proud to do so. There are a lot non-vegan products that I’m having a hard time letting go of. It’s wonderful to know that I can still enjoy my comfy TOMS without compromising my vegan integrity.

Visit TOMS by clicking here.

Do you like TOMS shoes? What popular brands have vegan products? Let us know! –Melissa

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5 thoughts on “Vegan Lifestyle: Shoes

  1. Those boots are fantastic!

  2. sarapolton says:

    I’m obsessed with vegan toms! They’re comfortable stylish and cruelty free!

  3. theironclad says:

    Vegan kicks are pretty awesome. Christie found me some bitchin’ Asics throwback Onitsuka Tigers. They are comfy and look deadly.

  4. Kinenchen says:

    I have been wanting a pair of those boots for AGES! Rebels is one of my favorite vegan brands for shoes… really everything from sandals to boots and they’re right in there with trendy things and classics.

  5. We have only seen Tom’s at Nordstrom and I won’t buy from there because they sell fur but I do like the Tom’s vegan shoes I’ve seen. Those wrap boots are so cool looking!

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