The Lazy Vegan: Tofurky Chorizo

I would say that this is a classic lazy vegan post but it does require some effort, like opening a package and slaving over a hot stove for 5 minutes. I wanted a tasty dinner with minimal effort, so I decided to finally try the Tofurky Chorizo Style product that has been sitting in my fridge. It was perfect because I already had tortillas and only had to stop at the store for some pepperjack Daiya.


The product definitely looks meaty and once you open the pack, you can smell all the scrumptious spices. “That smells SPICY!” said my niece as it cooked.


I heated up the ‘chorizo’ in a mini frying pan for 5 minutes.

I served them on tortillas with some Daiya pepperjeck and a side of tomatoes. The product smelled spicy and it is tasty, but it could use more embellishment. I plan to add some garlic and/or onion powder and to serve it with hot sauce or fresh salsa. But it is good as-is and met my needs this evening.

I love Tofurky products! –Melissa


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2 thoughts on “The Lazy Vegan: Tofurky Chorizo

  1. ambergravitt says:

    Haven’t tried the Tofurky kind, but I have been in love with the soy chorizo since I first tried it recently. SO yummy! I made some taco filling out of the chorizo, some black beans, and sauteed chopped kale, and it was spicy and satisying. I left out cheese, but a little glob of vegan sour cream cooled it off nicely.

  2. Thank you for the review. I’ve been wanting to try these in tacos as well. I have a boat-load of roasted green chili that needs used; that would probably add to the flavor that is lacking.

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