Healthy Desserts

I don’t worry much about Brent and I getting enough nutrients but I rarely skip and opportunity to make sure we’re getting enough iron and B vitamins. I learned about this product from a friend who had cervical cancer. When chemo destroyed her red blood cell count, she relied on FloraDix (or the gluten-free version, FloraVital) to improve her blood stats.

It did and in a hurry. Within 2 weeks she was considered healthy enough to continue her treatments and today (7 years later) she’s alive and well with no recurrences in sight. While this is merely anecdote, it’s good to know that an iron and vitamin B supplement can be gentle enough for someone who routinely suffers from nausea and effective.

So what does this have to do with Turning Veganese? Smoothies! I put a little something extra into every smoothie we drink and by ‘a little extra’ I mean anything from protein powder (from peas, of course), maca powder, carob powder, spirulina or just about anything to give it that nutrient and antioxidant kick. This is one of those nutrient and andioxidant kicks. I don’t like the idea of hiding vegetables and fortunately this doesn’t need to be hidden. It tastes fine all by itself!

Today I’m putting it into a blackberry raspberry banana orange smoothie. I know you want some. You won’t know the difference except the B vitamins make me feel like I was shot out of a cannon (in a good way).

This is Christie, signing off!

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5 thoughts on “Healthy Desserts

  1. luminousvegans says:

    I’ve always been curious about that stuff ever since I worked in the vitamin section in a natural food store many moons ago. It’s good to know it tastes good b/c for some reason I always imagined that it tasted “iron-y” if that makes any sense 🙂

    • Kinenchen says:

      I notice an iron taste if I put it in soda water but in orange juice it is barely detectable. In a smoothie, can’t tell the difference. I do recommend it if you’re burning the candle at both ends.

  2. veghotpot says:

    I used to have the tonic and now I take the tablets. I get really run down easily and it just helps me get through the busier times in life! I didn’t like the taste of the tonic by itself but I agree in orange juice it was fine!

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