The Lazy Vegan: Veggie Bratwurst

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Awhile back, I reviewed Viana’s veggie gyros. It was a decent product so I thought I would try out another Viana product:


The bratwurst is made up mostly of wheat protein and tofu, so it is neither gluten-free nor soy-free. Preparation is easy — it does say “HEAT AND SERVE!” right on the package — but I have to wonder what one has to do in order for the brats to look the way they do on the package. Viana is vague on how they season their products. The texture of the bratwurst is slightly more rigid than that of your standard vegan hot dog and is definitely a bit more spicy. In terms of taste or texture, there’s no mistaking that this is a meatless product.


I heated up a brat in the microwave for a minute (hello, I am lazy and didn’t want to have to wash a pan) and ate it with garlicky fried rice. It went really well with some mustard. I won’t say I don’t like the product, but I thought it tasted a lot better with the strong garlic and mustard flavors than it did on its own. I think my general complaint about vegan sausages is that the texture is just not that appealing (read: rubbery).

I don’t think I’ll buy this product again. I would definitely try another Viana product again, though. It was good and if you have any interest in trying it, you definitely should! –Melissa

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