TofuXpress Winner!

We are super pleased to announce the winner of our TofuXpress giveaway. Congratulations to Lorena!! Lorena has won the wonderful TofuXpress as well as a chance to guest blog on Turning Veganese. We’re pretty excited to find out what she makes with her fancy new gadget.

Here’s a line-up of some things we have made with the help of a TofuXpress:

Brent’s Marinated Tofu

Pesto Tofu

A Different Kind of Tofu Scramble

Big thanks to everyone who entered. If you don’t have a TofuXpress and eat a lot of tofu, you gotta get one! Trust us… it will change your life! –Melissa

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2 thoughts on “TofuXpress Winner!

  1. Congrats, Lorena! Great product – I love mine!

  2. I couldn’t agree more that the TofuXpress is a must-have. I think I would have given up using tofu if not for this gadget.

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