Sunday Bunday!

I don’t have pictures of our bunnies in my wallet yet but they’re all over my reddit feed and my phone. I’ve mentioned in other posts that rabbits pair for life; sometimes with a litter mate, other times with a stranger. They don’t discriminate by gender, size, shape or age. Some rabbits even pair with other species, cats in particular (probably because they have similar grooming and litter box habits which makes mutual respect a little easier.).

I wish I was so noble. I make assumptions about people based on gender, clothes, body odor, profession, speech patterns, skin color, etc. every day. I usually manage to stop myself from acting on those assumptions, but there’s always room for improvement. I envy bunnies’ ability to treat all creatures equally a priori. I wish people could appreciate each other and particularly other species the way rabbits do. Ow… I think I hurt my brain. Enjoy the gratuitous bunny cuteness as our bunnies groom each other!

This is Christie, signing off!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Bunday!

  1. As much as I love cats, bunnies are close to the perfect creatures. Adorable, vegan, indiscriminate, adorble, trainable…did I mention adorable? I miss my big bun Eli–he was an Angora so he was incredibly fluffy and huge. I haven’t owned a rabbit since (and that was amny, many moons ago) but I do know that once I get a house I will adopt a few buns. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through yours.:)

    • Kinenchen says:

      I’m glad the bunny cuteness is appreciated. Eli sounds like a cutie pie! I’d love to have a little ball of fluff poofing about the house. Someday I’m sure there will be more bunnies in your life. Until then, feel free to stop by. 🙂

  2. Rabbits living together that are not neutered or spayed may exhibit more territorial or aggressive behaviour to one another than rabbits that have been neutered or spayed, particularly if they are a pair of male rabbits or a pair of female rabbits. If you have same sex rabbits living together, spaying or neutering will make them less likely to fight with each other.

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