Black Trumpet Mushrooms!

These babies are relatives of another subtler favorite, the chanterelle. They’re similar in shape but they’ve got a richer flavor and beautiful smoky color. These hail from the Pacific Northwest and I left the gathering to the professionals this time. Wild mushrooms are something you should only partake in if they’re gathered by someone who really knows what they’re doing.


These were beautiful when sauteed with some vegan butter and garlic salt. In a wrap or over pasta they made a nice meaty addition to my dinner.

This is Christie, signing off!

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One thought on “Black Trumpet Mushrooms!

  1. Nina the Heartbeat says:

    I have always loved those mushrooms! Here we call them “trompetas de la muerte” (death trumpets in spanish); i recommend you to cook them with chopped onion, olive oil and veggie cream, and mix that with pasta! ❤

    Here is a couple more that I love too, and if you try them you will not regret! The first one is this I don't know the name in english, we call them "Camagrocs" in Catalonia; and here are the second ones Shiitake Mushrooms! They are japanese (I think) and have a powerful aroma and taste 🙂 They work very good with oriental dishes such as noodles, soups, etc.

    Have a wonderful day!

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