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Eggplant is My Savior

This post was supposed to be about my first experience with tempeh. I was going to tell you all about the delicious tempeh tacos I made. So, what happened? Mold happened. Gross, gross mold. All over my tempeh. I was pretty darn disappointed, but I didn’t want to cave in and eat something non-vegan. Thankfully, there was roasted eggplant in the fridge. I thought about making eggplant tacos instead, but I was just darn hungry. Using some of the other things I found in my fridge, I came up with ¬†Eggplant Tapenade on Baguette Surprise.

There are three basic ingredients in ETBS: olive tapenade, roasted Chinese eggplant, and baguette. I had store-bought green olive tapenade. It’s TASSOS brand and it’s vegan and all-natural. “Roasting” an eggplant in my house basically means sticking it in the broiler and then removing the skin. Easy peasey.¬†First things first. Cut the baguette to your liking and stick it in the oven or toaster oven. I do this because the bread gets more toasty as it cools off and I do want it to be cooled off before I stick the eggplant surprise on it.

Cut up the eggplant and add a tablespoon or so of the tapenade. If the eggplant is roasted to limpy-ness, it should be easy to mash with a fork. Mix it together. I didn’t add anything to the mix, but next time I’ll add salt, black pepper, minced garlic, maybe some minced onion, and Sriracha.

Once I was done mixing up the eggplant and tapenade, my toasts were done. I decided to add some soy mozza cheese. Way to go, Melissa! This really made a difference. Side note: Do you like my cheese slicer? I think it’s one of the greatest things ever and truly believe that every cheese lover should have one.

Um… DELICIOUS!!! This turned out to be an extremely satisfying dinner!

xoxo and eat more eggplant! -Melissa

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