My name is Christie. I’ve known Melissa for a few years and she’s invited me to contribute to this blog. I’ll admit I’m flattered. I’ve gotten into a habit of creating home-made vegan dishes and posting pictures of them on my FaceBook page. I’ll keep telling myself that they’re photo worthy and anticipate adulation. I’m probably also one of a handful of vegans that she knows.

I became a vegan for three reasons. 1. It’s better for the animals. I always hope this one is self explanatory but I have a few anecdotes about why it isn’t. 2. It’s better for my body. My family history includes heart disease and cancer and research shows that plant based diets can reduce your chances of suffering from both. 3. It’s better for the environment. This is probably the least discussed reason for going vegan so I’ll elaborate, but just a little. Factory farming of animals creates more greenhouse gas than all transportation combined – trains, planes, cars, buses, motorcycles, ships, etc. That’s more than 20% of all carbon emissions, according to the UN, from farming animals. I hope that statistic blows your mind. Factory farming of animals is also the biggest user of fresh water of any industry and pollutes more water than any other industry. Factory farming of animals is also one of the biggest sources of human disease – to mention a few, just think about swine flu, bird flu, antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and at least 76 million cases of food poisoning that happen in the United States every year.

These reasons are all important to me and I hope at least one is important to you. Whatever your reason, even if you just want a challenge, I anticipate I’ll win more converts with delicious looking food than cold statistics. I hope you’ll peruse this blog and gain insight from our 2 different perspectives as to why rational people who love food would voluntarily forego bacon, sausage and cheese.

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