Just Because It’s Vegan Doesn’t Mean You Should Eat It

Twizzlers (yum… Twizzlers) may be vegan, but that doesn’t mean I should partake in them. I’ve been thinking about them lately because they are quite possibly my favorite non-chocolate candy, and I bought a huge bag of them before Halloween.

I am trying to focus on eating healthy as a whole. Therefore, I have decided to snack on fruit (or veggies or nuts) instead of candy. It’s simple: candy is not nutritious. It may be delicious, it may taste fruity, but it is not fruit. I think the ingredient list for Twizzlers proves my case:

At least I know what I’m getting when I eat a grape or carrot or pear.

I’ve heard and read many, many times over the past several years to pay attention to the listed ingredients of the foods you eat. Two general rules:

1. Opt for products with less ingredients. When the ingredients list takes up half the package, it’s probably best to put it back on the shelf.

2. If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Part of me does celebrate the fact that I can indulge in Twizzlers and not feel like I’m breaking any vegan laws. The other part of me knows that, vegan or not, Twizzlers should stay on the shelf and out of my body.

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2 thoughts on “Just Because It’s Vegan Doesn’t Mean You Should Eat It

  1. Kinenchen says:

    Know what else is vegan? Oreos.

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