Ridiculously Easy & Versatile Refried Beans

I almost hate to admit this, but Taco Bell has become a fast food savior of mine since transitioning to a vegan diet. I can only eat so many French fries and 6″ veggie delight subs. Taco Bell rises above the rest for one reason: beans. A bean burrito, no cheese is super cheap, tasty, and vegan — no lard, you guys! I have also ordered nachos with beans only (which has to be announced to the entire staff for some reason).

I was itching to have some refried beans at home, so I went to the store to buy a can. I spotted the Fat Free can first. Fat free? No way! So I picked up a can of Traditional style refried beans. I read the ingredients. LARD. No way! I checked out the Fat Free Can was delighted to read that fat free meant no lard and simple ingredients. Yay! Now, you may be thinking that I could have started with a can of pinto beans. Yes, I could have. For convenience, though, a can of Bush’s Fat Free Refried Beans is perfect.

Melissa’s Ridiculously Easy & Versatile Refried Beans

1 can Bush’s Best Refried Beans, Fat Free — I used about 1/3 can per serving
Shredded ‘cheese’ — Christie sent me some Daiya and I am in lust with this cheese
diced onion — I used green onion since I had some
your favorite hot sauce — I’ve tried it with Sriracha, Tabasco, and Taco Bell hot sauce
Extra seasonings — the can of beans is already seasoned, but you can add garlic (fresh or powder), onion powder, cumin…

Put your beans in a microwave-safe bowl. Add your seasonings and smoosh it in with the beans. Top with the cheese. Microwave, covered, for about a minute (use a bowl so that the cheese doesn’t melt onto whatever cover you use).

I like my onions crisp and raw, so I top the warm beans and cheese with them. I used shears to chop my green onions. Then, top with your hot sauce. Mix it all together and:

  • Stuff it in a tortilla to make a bean burrito OR
  • Serve it with some Spanish or Mexican rice OR
  • Throw it on a bed of lettuce; add tomatoes, avocados, jicama, and cilantro and you’ve got yourself an awesome salad OR
  • Put some tortilla chips around it and you’ve got yourself some fancy bean and cheese nachos:

I adore versatile foods. This was muy delicioso! –Melissa

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One thought on “Ridiculously Easy & Versatile Refried Beans

  1. Kinenchen says:

    Dear Refried Beans prepared by Melissa,
    Please get into my mouth.

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