Quesadillas… you know you want some.

Tonight I’m making quesadillas, vegan style. For the basic recipe you only need 5 things:

tortillas, corn or flour

hot sauce

onion, diced

bell pepper, diced

vegan cheese (I use Daiya pepperjack but their cheddar and mozzarella work fine too)

I’m dressing things up a little tonight and adding soy curls.

They’re a lot like chicken except that all by themselves they’ve got a nutty flavor and no gristle. I prepare mine by reconstituting in water in my microwave, draining, and spreading out on a foil lined baking sheet. I sprinkle them with a little soy sauce, flaked red pepper, nutritional yeast (optional), and a spray of olive oil. I bake them at 300F/150C for 30 minutes or until the edges start to brown. This is what they look like before baking.

Now comes is the easy part. Place a tortilla in a lightly oiled nonstick pan, add some “cheese” and a light sprinkling of  onion and bell pepper. I added a few strips of my soy curls and then put a little more cheese on top.

You don’t need a lot of cheese: just enough to get things to stick together. Add a few drips of hot sauce as your personal taste dictates.

On medium heat, wait until the cheese starts to melt (use your nose to avoid scorching), then add that second tortilla and flip. Push any fillings that fall out back into the quesadilla. The cheese will hopefully trap it as it melts.

This is such an easy meal or snack. I literally keep a container of mixed bell pepper and onion in my fridge. It looks like this.

I made some guacamole to go with it and sliced up some tomato and cilantro to go with my vegan quesadillas.

This is Christie, signing off!

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8 thoughts on “Quesadillas… you know you want some.

  1. theironclad says:

    Soy curls are an awesome addition to the vegan arsenal of flavor. Not only are they easy to prepare, but they look like chicken and the texture is a little meaty. If one is moving toward being vegan, and they miss meat a lot, soy curls are a good start.

    Awesome post.

  2. luminousvegans says:

    Holy quesadilla, those look yummy! Where does one find soy curls?

  3. Izzy says:

    I’m glad you posted about these, cause I keep hearing about soy curls but have never seen them so I have been curious what they are. From the sounds of it, they’re essentially TVP.

  4. Kinenchen says:

    I get my soy curls from http://www.veganessentials.com but you can find them at Whole Foods. Vegan Essentials is a small independently owned business… if that’s what does it for you. As Izzy points out, it’s whole soy bean TVP, just that it’s in big chunks instead of the crumbles most of us are used to finding in stores.

  5. Beans, Figs and Katz says:

    this looks awesome!!!

  6. […] decided to bake up some soy curls the same way we did for our quesadillas but chickpeas, beans or tofu prepared with a light dusting […]

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