The Other Lazy Vegans: Junk Food that isn’t Junk

Even “hint of lime” chips often contain sour cream or whey for flavoring and this makes me SO angry. Being limited to greasy potato chips or plain corn chips gets a little old so we’re trying out some alternatives to let you know what’s in the bag.

Plentils come in 4 flavors (sorry, the other 2 aren’t in the picture because we ate them already): sea salt, dill and sour cream, margherita pizza and garlic parmesan. They’re light and airy and the flavors are outstanding. I particularly liked the margherita pizza and Brent liked the garlic parmesan. We’d buy these again. They’ve got a decent amount of protein, fiber and iron in each serving and aren’t terribly greasy or heavy. They’re $3.99 per bag and the bag is pretty big but it’s mostly air. If you’re sensitive to gluten, these are a great alternative to health chips that often contain wheat ingredients.

Nacho, sea salt and pepper and pico de gallo are the thee flavors we tried from Beanfield’s . The nutrition data is pretty good, there’s a reasonable amount of iron, fiber, protein and calcium. They’re $3.49 per bag and there’s a lot more than in Plentils. The texture is light and crispy and the flavors are awesome. These are both great alterniatives for people who can’t have corn chips but want to enjoy their salsa!

This is Christie and Brent, signing off!

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3 thoughts on “The Other Lazy Vegans: Junk Food that isn’t Junk

  1. elle says:

    I just tried those Plentils for the first time ever this afternoon! So glad that my local shop decided to carry them now =P

  2. Oooh, I’m going to keep my eyes out for those Plentils! I love, LOVE sour cream and onion chips so it’s great to see a vegan alternative!

    • Kinenchen says:

      Good snack food is crucial! We eat Beanfield’s nacho chips more often than we should…. but it’s better than the alternative by a long shot.

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