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Brent and I like to play video games together. Nothing says “gamer” like junk food so that’s where this is headed. All you really need is tortilla chips and Daiya but crumbled seasoned tofu, olives, chopped jalapeño, diced tomato or onions, salsa, Tofutti sour cream and a lot of other things can help bring your nachos up a notch.

We baked ours in the oven to melt the Daiya after adding seasoned crumbled tofu, salsa, jalapeño, onion and salsa. A little fresh cilantro would have made this unstoppable but its absence didn’t stop us from devouring it.

I le recommend, especially if you’ve got a football game or a video game in your future.

This is Christie and Brent, signing off!

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The Other Lazy Vegans: Junk Food that isn’t Junk

Even “hint of lime” chips often contain sour cream or whey for flavoring and this makes me SO angry. Being limited to greasy potato chips or plain corn chips gets a little old so we’re trying out some alternatives to let you know what’s in the bag.

Plentils come in 4 flavors (sorry, the other 2 aren’t in the picture because we ate them already): sea salt, dill and sour cream, margherita pizza and garlic parmesan. They’re light and airy and the flavors are outstanding. I particularly liked the margherita pizza and Brent liked the garlic parmesan. We’d buy these again. They’ve got a decent amount of protein, fiber and iron in each serving and aren’t terribly greasy or heavy. They’re $3.99 per bag and the bag is pretty big but it’s mostly air. If you’re sensitive to gluten, these are a great alternative to health chips that often contain wheat ingredients.

Nacho, sea salt and pepper and pico de gallo are the thee flavors we tried from Beanfield’s . The nutrition data is pretty good, there’s a reasonable amount of iron, fiber, protein and calcium. They’re $3.49 per bag and there’s a lot more than in Plentils. The texture is light and crispy and the flavors are awesome. These are both great alterniatives for people who can’t have corn chips but want to enjoy their salsa!

This is Christie and Brent, signing off!

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Apple chips!

This is one of my favorite snacks when I’m feeling peckish at the lab early in the morning and don’t want to accidentally eat something that’s not so great for me like a rice krispy treat or bag of potato chips from the hospital cafeteria or one of the local coffee shops. You’ll need a dehydrator for this one and some apples. That’s it.


I used a mandolin slicer for this particular project and managed to remove part of my pinkie. After showing my finger to a friend who is a plastic surgeon he informed me that he won’t let his significant other own a mandolin slicer (or a snow blower, but that’s another post) telling me that they’re “finger death traps”. He is doing his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital so I suspect he knows what he’s talking about with regards to the snow blowers and I can tell you first hand (oops, pun) that the mandolin makes life easier up until the point where you can’t wash your own hair. Just saying.

Slice your apples carefully with a sharp knife or mandolin, put them in the dryer (mine goes overnight), and you’ve got a crispy, organic (if you’re so inclined), filling, preservative free snack.

Slice them thicker or thinner depending on your taste. I make a new batch every couple of days from the $3 3lb bags of apples that I get at my supermarket and re-use the same plastic baggies to transport them to work. Thicker chips don’t get crushed as easily but thinner ones are more decadent!

This is Christie, signing off!



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