From Zero to Girls Night in 5 Minutes

“I want to drink.”

That’s what my Mom told me earlier this evening. I also wanted to drink tonight so I made it happen. Here’s a three ingredient vegan cocktail that is super easy to make.

Three Ingredient Girls Night Cocktail

For one serving:
1/2 can (6 oz) Lychee Drink or lychee juice
2 shots of rum (I used Cruzan which is vegan-friendly… thanks, Barnivore!)


Pour the lychee drink into a glass, add the rum, squeeze in a lime wedge, stir… and then drink! This cocktail is completely deceiving. I can only taste the lychee juice but I sure am feeling buzzed. The only thing missing was some fresh lychee fruit to toss into the glass.

I am currently heating up some samosas by Bombay Bites for us to enjoy with these. Stay tuned for my review in a future blog post.

Cheers, everyone! Drink vegan and drink responsibly! –Melissa


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4 thoughts on “From Zero to Girls Night in 5 Minutes

  1. sybaritica says:

    So … if I drink this, I can have a bunch of girls here at my place too?

  2. ambergravitt says:

    MMMM! Sounds exotic and delicious. Because you are so great at introducing me to new vegan options, I’m nominating you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. If you’d like to participate, go to for details. Thanks for your great work!

  3. methodpile says:

    this sounds SOOOO good. :]

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