Spotted Dog & Our First December Giveaway Winner!

I was in North Carolina this past weekend and my cousins took me to an awesome vegan-friendly restaurant called The Spotted Dog. The Spotted Dog is located in Carrboro, which was very clearly a health-conscious town. I was so excited to eat my vegan crab cake sandwich that I forgot to take a photo, but it was tasty and splendid. Two non-vegans also got the vegan crab cake sandwich and loved it! I hope I can go back there again.

I would have loved to spend more time in Carrboro. I was hoping to get coffee from a local spot while I was away from home and The Open Eye Cafe did not disappoint with their soy au lait. I was a little disappointed, though, because they didn’t have any vegan treats while I was there. No problem — we walked about a block to Weaver Street Market and got vegan cookies and muffins which were so yummy. (Sorry, no pic of these, either!)

And now… onto some exciting stuff. We have randomly picked the first winner in our December giveaway! This week’s winner of a Bubble & Bee Lotion Stick is Erica Wollman! Yay, Erica! Everyone, check out Erica’s blog and be sure to enter our giveaway. You still have 3 chances to win a lotion stick and can also enter to win a TofuXpress.

Woohoo! Free stuff!!! –Melissa

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