“Shrimp” Jambalaya

This was one of those nights when we wanted something fun, but didn’t want to work too hard for it.
This Vigo Jambalaya rice mix was an easy base for our next ingredient. Brent made that while I prepared the rest. I diced an onion and sauteed it in Earth Balance buttery spread, chardonnay, flake red pepper and garlic.
We’re using a different kind of vegan shrimp than our usual Ocean’s Best. Visually it was a decent substitute for shrimp.

This particular variety is soy and gluten free and has the texture of overcooked shrimp. I don’t mind that chewier texture, in most dishes I prefer it. It gave a good contrast to the tender rice and soft onion.

At this point I’m neutral to the two. Sophie’s has a slightly better nutritional profile because they’re made with konjac flour instead of potato starch like Ocean’s best. In the end, they’re both tasty, very processed, taste not unlike the real thing but won’t convince most picky carnists. I’d get them if you’re really missing shrimp. Real shrimp are harvested by ocean dredging which is the ecological equivalent of clear cutting a forest. These are better for your conscience.

If you get to try them, let me know what you think!

This is Christie, signing off!

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3 thoughts on ““Shrimp” Jambalaya

  1. Never new shrimp were acquired by dredging. Good to know. I always thought fish was better than meat farming. Glad I am vegan more every day!

    • Kinenchen says:

      There’s really only one form of seafood that I am fairly certain is sustainable and that’s oysters which are actually used to purify water in addition to being useful for their nutritional value. The rest of seafood is either harvested from an ocean that is already overfished and may result in substantial in bycatch or is farmed resulting in polluted water and requires wasteful fish or corn meal, so from an ecological standpoint I have to say “no”… even though I REALLY miss good tuna and salmon. As for oysters, I also doubt their sentience so I think vegans can eat them with a clear conscience.

  2. I never ate seafood even before I was veg, and I’m still hesitant to try vegan versions of seafood. My omni boyfirend really, really likes Sophie’s breaded began shrimp, which is saying a lot since he generally hates any kind of meat-substitute. I don’t think I’ve seen the vegan prawns around here but if I do I’ll definitely make sure he tries them!

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