Umeboshi; Japanese Pickled Plums

This is one of a long list of things I’ve been waiting to try as a vegan delicacy.  I figured it might be a good start for my re-entry to the land of blogging – a little weird and a little wonderful. They’re reputed to be good for digestion and hangovers. Who knows if I’ll ever get to try the latter out, but until then I’ll give it a shot for my digestion.

This was the first box I’ve seen of this particular product. I was pretty excited to finally see it, scooped it up and brought it home. Of course I paid for it, but that’s another story.

I opened the box and put a whole plum in my mouth and discovered that it really is a pickled plum – salty and sour like a pickle, but with a surprising floral aftertaste. My next stop with these will be to use them for hot pot which is a regular fun thing in our house. I think they’ll make a great addition to our regular szechuan style seasoning. Have you ever tried pickled ume plums?

This is Christie, signing off!

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4 thoughts on “Umeboshi; Japanese Pickled Plums

  1. Catherine says:

    Your description of the taste makes them very enticing, however, the artistic arrangement of the photograph makes the plums even more appealing.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I hate them! They are like putting pure salt in your mouth and then adding a dash of vinegar. I know that vegans rave about them and they are in The Kind Diet as a remedy for hangovers or something but it was one of the first things I tried when I went vegan and I just can’t do it ever again. Plus they cost like $20 for a small box of them. Good for you for being able to see beyond the saltiness and see floral hints. I just can’t 😦

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