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Beer Review : Hornsby’s Amber Draft Hard Cider

In today’s vlog, we try an easy to find cider by Hornsby’s. It’s not boring. And that’s good.

Thanks for dropping in, and peace out my vegans!

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Vegan Beer : Crispin Bare Naked Hard Cider

Here’s your lesson on yeast and fermentation as a bonus to this week’s cider review. Nice cider, Crispin!

Hope you enjoy it, and enjoy yourselves! Peace out, my vegans.

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Vegan Beer : Julian Hard Cider – Black and Blue

TV is back with a brand new addition. Something that’s been holding us tightly, just kidding it’s another cider review you can view nightly. This time it’s Julian Hard Cider’s Black and Blue. It’s delicious.

Happy VD Day, as my father would say. And as always… Peace out, my vegans.

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Vegan Beer : Spire Mountain Dark and Dry Cider

Ahoy! We’re back again to show you another great vegan and gluten-free drink from our vlog series. In today’s review, Christie and I take a look at Spire Mountain Dark and Dry Cider.

The cider is pretty darn tasty, and worth taking for a spin. Don’t forget, if you have a favorite you would like us to review, or if there is a beverage you would rather get some other fools to try for you, drop us a line!

From Brent and Christie… ┬áPeace out, my vegans.

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Vegan Beer : Julian Hard Cider – Cherry Bomb

Hope you guys are surviving the holidays, gang!

In today’s beer review, we review a cider. This hot number is Julian Hard Cider’s Cherry Bomb!

It’s a crisp, cherry cider that doesn’t taste like medicine, and isn’t too sweet either. Watch the full review below.

Thanks again for dropping in. And, as always… Peace out, my vegans.

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