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Sunday Bunday!

One of the rabbits we’re fostering from our local House Rabbit Society chapter to keep Vlad company took laziness to a whole new level.

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Sunday Bunday!

Our little mini rex/Havana mix bunny knows she’s being naughty and doesn’t care.

Sometimes I drink almond milk out of the carton.

This is Christie, signing off!

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Sunday Bunday!

Ahoy gang! After clipping our bunnies’ nails, we vacuumed their area. We learned Cassie laughs in the face of loud appliances. To that end, you may want to turn down your volume for this.

Have an excellent week, folks. Peace out, my vegans!

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Sunday Bunday – Gratuitous Bunny Cuteness

More from our favorite pair of vegans. May they be an example to us all!

In today’s thrilling episode, Cassie attacks Albertson-Ames. Pro-Tip : Instead of trashing / recycling phonebooks, remove the glossy pages and covers of a phonebook, give the book to bunnies, subsequently marvel at their destructive power.

From Brent and Christie, peace out my vegans.

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Sunday Bunday

Enjoy the remaining time you have with your families, travel safe and thank-you for being kind to animals.

These two just got a big snack of radish tops and are ready to nap. Our Flemish Giant rescue bunny doesn’t think anyone can see him in his hiding place. I don’t know if he realizes about half of him is hanging out…

This is Christie and Brent, signing off!

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