Wild Morel and Fiddlehead Risotto!

I love foraged foods. Mushrooms are one of those things that I can’t trust myself to do so I left this to the professionals and got some excellent results.

Be really careful if you decide to forage for yourself: poisonous mushrooms are everywhere and usually they don’t cause anything more serious than some heinous stomach upset but even that isn’t worth it. Morels have a very distinctive features: a hollow core, stem attached at the rim of the cap and a honeycombed cap surface.

Whether you forage yourself or not, clean your morels carefully. Because they’re hollow inside and intricate on the outside, it’s not uncommon for them to be gritty before washing and to harbor… surprises… inside. Slugs, spiders and other critters might be taking a nap, so be careful to cut each one open before cooking.

My next caveat about morels is that they need to be cooked thoroughly. They do contain compounds that can cause gastric upset if they’re not cooked well enough or you might have an unpleasant evening. That being said, some people are just sensitive to the compounds in morels, especially if they are trying them for the first time so consider using them sparingly and using conventional mushrooms for the bulk of the dish. I sauteed mine in some olive oil with a chopped onion, 4 minced cloves of garlic and after the morels started t reduce, I added a cup of frozen edamame, peas are a great alternative if you’ve got a soy allergy.

The risotto was prepared by putting a half cup of arborio rice into a saucepan along with a teaspoon of herbes de provence and a cup of white wine. I’m using chardonnay in this batch because I think the oak and vanilla flavors in the wine will bring out the earthy flavors in the morels.I added some whole Japanese hot red peppers to the broth I used to prepare the risotto. I combined a liter of water with a veggie bouillon cube and brought it to a boil. I added it one ladle at a time until I liked the texture. I fished the peppers out of the remaining broth and mixed in 1/4 cup of nutritional yeast and a tablespoon of Eat in the Raw vegan parmesan (omit this if you’re sensitive to nuts, it won’t affect the outcome of the dish significantly). This makes the risotto creamy and cheesy… like you’d expect comfort food to be… just without the fat and cholesterol.

When that was done, I stirred the veggies into the risotto including the fiddleheads, which I sauteed lightly along with the morels and the edamame.

This was delicious nutritious comfort food. Usually thost words don’t go together but when you’re vegan, they do.

Here is Brent… showing off his bowl. He’s also wearing a super-ultra-mega-awesome shirt with a unicorn, a rainbow, a castle and a waterfall on it. RECOGNIZE!

This is Brent and Christie, signing off!

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9 thoughts on “Wild Morel and Fiddlehead Risotto!

  1. Somer says:

    Dude, if only I could forage up my own morels! Those look awesome! And fiddleheads? I must be an idiot because I’ve never even heard of them.

    LOVE Brent in the magical unicorn shirt!!!

  2. eviliciouz says:

    I want to steal Brent’s t-shirt. Thanks for this delicious recipe.

  3. Slugs and spiders… eeeeee. After the larva I found on my kale I think I’ll pass on trying this myself, and instead live vicariously through your beautiful yummy-looking pictures. 🙂 Nice shirt, Brent!

  4. Melissa says:

    Hide that shirt next month. Just sayin’.

  5. Kinenchen says:

    Yeah… finding critters in my food is a huge turn-off. I didn’t eat cauliflower for about a year after finding creepy crawlies and still have to remind myself that it’s just a side effect of organic food. Instinctual behavior runs deep. Ummm… enjoy the food? 😉 (asparagus is a good substitute for fiddle heads and regular mushrooms for morels)

  6. It is my dream to forage wild morels……. 😦 None of that here in FL! No fiddleheads, either.

  7. luminousvegans says:

    I would love to forage an entire meal one day. This looks great! I need to try fiddleheads soon.

  8. methodpile says:

    waaaaugh this looks SO delicious! It must be a pain to stop and take all the pictures during your cooking process but I’m a visual learner so I really appreciate all the images you post. Thanks for the recipe ideas and info!

    Also, I love that unicorn t-shirt. FAB. :]

    • Kinenchen says:

      Thank-you for the feedback. I’m glad to know the pics are helpful. If you’re ever in Florida… let us know: we could have noms and discuss art and music!

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