Thank Goodness for Mangoes and Blueberries… and RUM

I needed a cocktail today. Badly.

Disclaimer: I didn’t intend for this post to glorify the consumption of liquor. Please drink responsibly and remember that alcohol is not the answer to life’s problems!

I shall call this cocktail “My Heart May Hurt but At Least I’m Getting My Antioxidants”

1/2 a mango
1/4 cup blueberries
fresh mint (optional)
shot of rum

First, try the rum. Make sure it tastes good. Then, prep the fruit.

Stick the mango and blueberries in a blender or, if you’re lazy like me, in a mini food processor.

Take another sip of rum. It’s vegan. Stick the fruit mixture in a glass.

Add ice.

Add the rum, top with some mint leaves, stir and enjoy responsibly!

Goodness, I need a girl’s night out!! –Melissa

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5 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Mangoes and Blueberries… and RUM

  1. Kinenchen says:

    A good summer cocktail is really indispensable. This looks AWESOME!

  2. I appreciate how you continuted to quality control the taste of the rum 🙂 Sometimes, you just have those days….hope things look up soon! Also I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!

  3. Joseph Tkach says:

    I feel like the rum was not wholly integrated with the other flavors. Is there a reason you did not add the rum to the food processor, also?

    • Melissa says:

      Very good point and one that I thought of as I was drinking it. I’ll have to make some again and add the rum to the blender/processor!

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