Vegan Beer : Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale

We decided it would be a good idea to do some videos to spice up the site. So, here’s the quick and dirty for Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale!

As discussed in the video, Barnivore is a great resource to check if what you’re drinking is vegan.

From Brent and Christie, peace out, my vegans.

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5 thoughts on “Vegan Beer : Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale

  1. Fun to see you both in action ;-)! (Ewww, fish bladders…)

  2. Somer says:

    Look how rad you guys are!

  3. Ok, this was awesome guys! Your facial expressions were so great! Plus, yay beer! 🙂

  4. Kinenchen says:

    I’m really flattered! We’re hoping to make it a regular thing… because I love beer.

  5. methodpile says:

    thanks for the informative video and link! i didn’t know anything about this… woofdah.

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