Blue Foot Mushrooms!

So these exist and I’ve decided to share. I don’t know if they’re worth seeking out if they’re not easily found in your area but if you’re a junkie for new food experiences, this might find its way onto your bucket list.


Bluets or blue foot mushrooms are more blue the fresher they are. These took a while to get to me from Canada but they’re still beautiful (apologies for the quality of the photo… I was overeager to eat them.) These are milder than some other mushrooms and less likely to create an adverse reaction the first time you try them (unlike morels or lobster mushrooms which can cause mild gastric upset the first time they’re eaten.) These are sometimes cultivated but mine are foraged from a friend’s place in Ottowa. I don’t know how to tell these ‘shrooms from the dangerous kinds so I’ll just thank my friend who sent them along for educational purposes and admit that I ate them sauteed with Earth Balance butter, salt and pepper in a wrap with apple, spinach and ‘gouda’ and it was AMAZING! They do lose their blue color when cooked but maintain a beautiful meaty texture and earthy savory flavor.

This is Christie, signing off!

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