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Super Easy Rice and Veggie Soup

In lieu of being sick and not wanting to cook, nor eat anything complicated, Christie devised a method of making single-serving soup that is souper easy to make!

See what I did there?

What you need are :
Vegan Bouillon
Instant Rice
Frozen Veggies

Put the instant rice and frozen veggies in your bowl, add the bouillon and fill with water. Microwave for about two minutes, stir, and heat again for two minutes.

Watch as I fix it for my sick self.

It seems like a ‘no, duh’ recipe as I write it out, but really it’s a solid recipe to have in ones repertoire. For when you feel sick, or lazy, this soup can have you fed — gluten and cruelty free — in about five minutes.

Hope you all are having a happy and healthy new year!

Peace out, my vegans.

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So Easy, I Made a Clever Name For It

I decided to call them Croc Eyes. The ingredients are so effing simple it’s silly. But when vegan snack attacks call, avocados are the answer.

Whachu Need :
Balsamic Vinegar
Garlic Salt

Preparation :
1) Cut the avocado in half, remove pit.
2) Sprinkle garlic salt, fill pit hole with vinegar.
3) Eat it with a spoon. Like a boss.

Really, the main event is the avocado. You can garnish it however you please, or not at all. Point is  avocados are really good for you, and their mild flavor makes it easy to dress up.

Finding a Good Avocado

So, there’s not much to make this delicious snack. If you’re looking for a good avocado, there are some easy steps to follow. Organic is a good first step, as with all veggies, but if you can’t do that, at least you’re consuming them. To check how ripe they are, push down on the stem. If there’s some give, you got a good avocado. Keep in mind that an avocado may need to ripen a day or so before it’s really good. And if you cut it open and there are a couple spots of brown/black, don’t sweat it. That there is from people squeezing it to make sure it’s ripe. That’s why you should push the stem 🙂

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