Apple Tempeh and Mozzarella Sammiches!

This was a really easy meal on a night when we were exhausted. The suggestion came from a friend (THANK YOU!) and it was definitely worth it.

We browned some smoky maple tempeh while some multi-grain bread topped with teese mozzarella. This is bread that a local lady makes for us, gluten-free and vegan. She’s an incredible baker and I hope all of you who aren’t expert bakers and a few who cartinly are(I’m looking at you) can find vegan [gluten-free] bread that doesn’t taste like it’s been frozen between 2 pieces of cardboard in a diesel truck for 2 years. Well, that’s my opinion of most store bought bread. On to noms!

We stacked the tempeh on the bread with some spinach and apple slices. I like royal gala apples. They’ve got a buttery mellow flavor that isn’t too acidic. We use them to juice too!I like my sammies open faced (above) but Brent is more traditional (below).

Mustard is important to me when I make this particular sandwich (but back in the day it was with turkey and soft cheese. Ew.). I think the spiciness brings out the flavors in the tempeh, spinach and apple. The mozzarella is just awesome and I want to take it on a date.

Don’t tell Brent he’s got competition from non-dairy cheese or the sammies will end up… oh… yeah, he’ll eat it all. Yay!

This is Christie, signing off!

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8 thoughts on “Apple Tempeh and Mozzarella Sammiches!

  1. luminousvegans says:

    Oooh, I love the idea of adding apples to a sandwich. Looks delicious.

  2. Yeah, I’m all over this one.

  3. elle says:

    woah! apple sandwiches! that’s a first, and i’m absolutely trying that out. thanks for yet another awesome idea =P

  4. Somer says:

    I used to do apples on grilled cheese. I see a rematch with cashew cheez in the near future. Is the teese good?

    • Kinenchen says:

      It’s a great substitute for mozzarella and melts well and makes good sauces. If you can find it easily, I do recommend giving it a go. I’m looking forward to your grilled cashew cheez apple smmies!

  5. I want to try teese. There is finally a store that carries it here!

  6. beton says:

    I like this site so much, saved to favorites. “To hold a pen is to be at war.” by Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire.

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