The Other Lazy Vegans: Sausage and Eggs

If you’re thinking about burgers this Labor day weekend, you might want to check this out (and the list of beef, pork and poultry products recalled for contamination with potentially deadly bacteria at Food Safety News) before you make any important decisions about burgers. Saturday is a glorious day when I get to sleep in 2 hours before going to a grueling double session of Brazilian jiu jitsu. “Sausage” and “eggs” is the kind of all American breakfast that you’d expect a pair of martial arts enthusiasts to enjoy except that my jiu jitsu dojo was the first place in South Florida outside my vegan farmer’s market that I’d met other vegans.

This particular variety, Bahama rice sausage – swinging Italian sausage, was unassuming right out of the package. I heated them by sauteeing in my favorite fry pan and presented them along with some scrambled tofu to my fellow vegan ninja for breakfast.

The texture was nice: firm and moist. The flavor was disappointing. We tasted strong cumin and some pepper but otherwise we had to slather them with hot sauce and garlic salt (which they did compliment well) in order to make them tasty by themselves. Sadly, I wouldn’t get them again. I liked how easy they were to prepare and that I could recognize the ingredients(like rice and lentils) in the whole patty. They would be fabulous at any BBQ slathered with mustard, relish and everything else that makes a burger good!

This is Brent and Christie, signing off!

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2 thoughts on “The Other Lazy Vegans: Sausage and Eggs

  1. danicapelzel says:

    Ah, that’s too bad the flavor was disappointing. I’m from the middle of nowhere Kansas and have a tough time finding any vegan sausage but they would have been great with my breakfast yesterday:

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