Mango Margaritas!

This is an incredibly simple drink and mango is in season here in Florida. I figured I’d honor our local bounty and make something really fresh (like from the tree in our backyard) and that’s sure to please. We typically collect our mango as they’re available and peel and then freeze the flesh in 16 ounce containers.


Place the frozen fruit into your trusty blender with or without tequila (one ounce per person is my rule), 1 cup of orange juice and juice from half a lime. Before you pour your beverage, you’ll want to coat the rim of your beverage receptacle with salt. There are 2 ways to do this. I recommend using fine sea salt but ordinary table salt is fine. You’ll gently dip the lip of your glass into your margarita and then into a bowl of salt OR rub the other half of that lime around the edge of that glass and then do the same with the bowl of salt.

IMG_2544Blend it up to smooth perfection and get ready to enjoy your vitamin A and vitamin C with enough fiber to make a vegan blush.


Thank-you for visiting the Virtual Vegan Potluck 3.0! Please visit the blogs before and after us in the potluck! They’re also amazing. This is Brent and Christie, signing off!

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30 thoughts on “Mango Margaritas!

  1. luminousvegans says:

    This sounds really good compared to the boring juice I am drinking right now. I need more mangoes (or is it mangos?) in my life.

  2. Awesome recipe! I love mango-flavored drinks. 🙂

    Could you please update the link to my blog (the “forward” button)? I had posted a temporary placeholder post at first, but now have the permanent one up: Thank you!!

  3. Poppy says:

    Love the tropical theme!

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  5. I’m all about mangoes lately – big boxes of them. Thank you for hanging out w/ us for another Potluck :-)!

  6. You had me at mangoes. I will definitely be making this drink.

  7. Sophie33 says:

    I would love to add tequila: yes, please! 🙂 That would be so great to have ripe mangoes in your own garden! Cool! 🙂
    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! A great & tasty entry for the VVP! I agree!

  8. Somer says:

    I’ll take the virgin version! How lucky that you have a mango tree in your backyard. YUM!

    • Kinenchen says:

      Truly, we are really lucky. Usually there’s enough for me to share with friends which is my favorite part.

      • Somer says:

        amazing, wish I could plant one in my backyard, but there’s no way it would survive the Utah winters 😦

  9. Somer says:

    hey, it looks like your “after” link is broken 😦 can you fix it to this one?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. That looks great and something I must make! Speaking of which I have a mango on my counter that is still green. Boo!

  11. Oh yes, and the mangos are SO good right now – love it!

  12. Awesome recipe! I love mango-flavored drinks. 🙂 Nice idea to add orange juice too, so it’s not too thick. You are so lucky to have mangoes growing where you live!

  13. I love mangoes! This is my kind of margarita. Happy VVP!

  14. Brittany says:

    Perfect summer drink!

  15. I’ve been craving mangoes all week, this is just killing me! 🙂

  16. Lisa says:

    mango margaritas are my absolute favorite!!

  17. spinachrevolution says:

    It is past mango season for us, but I have made sure that I have some containers filled with mango in the freezer for a special occasion. I think mango margaritas may be a good enough reason to use it. Thank you for the idea.

  18. Margaritas? Yes please! Any excuse, in my opinion. And mango would be delicious! 🙂

  19. Mango Margaritas? I’m there 🙂 Looks like you and I are responsible for getting everyone at this potluck drunk!

  20. It’s probably a good thing I don’t have a mango tree in my backyard because I would always have a mango marg in my hand. Still, I’m totally jealous that you get to enjoy them fresh-with or without alcohol 🙂

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