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Pomegranate, Punk Rawk and Basil Sammiches!

Yeah, I’m still baking my own bread and each loaf is an experiment. Sometimes it doesn’t work out well but that’s cool; we’ve got the taste part down and now it’s about texture. Anyways… This post is about sammiches.

This sandwich didn’t quite make sense to Brent but he trusts me and tried it anyways. I slathered my bread with some Punk Rawk Labs plain cashew cheese, mooshed some pomegranate seeds into the cheese and topped it with basil from our garden. It was definitely a mouth adventure with savory cheese and spicy basil and then you get the tart fruit flavors and nutty bread as you start to chew it.

It was also as visually stunning as basil mozzarella and tomato salad with the bright red and verdant green against the sienna of the bread and creamy cheese. I won’t turn this combo down if it happens again but I’m also determined to find other great uses for my favorite fruit!

This is Christie, signing off!

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Adventures in Fruit: Pomegranate!

This seasonal fruit is a personal favorite. As a kid I always imagined I was eating little rubies. I’ve heard a lot of ways to open these up, including submerging the fruit in water and picking the floaty peel off the top but personally I find a paper towel and a bowl are all I need. It’s a meditative act. That’s how I roll.

The Pom Wonderful juice you’ll see at the supermarket doesn’t do this fruit justice. That stuff tastes more like cranberry and pomegranate and part of that is because it doesn’t include the seeds. The seeds make these little gems a great source of fiber and minerals and soften the tartness of the fruit.

They are a great addition to salads, raw cheesecakes, visual interest in a glass of sparking water or wine, or whatever you can dream up; I prefer them all by themselves. I hope you get to try them.

This is Christie, signing off!

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