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Vegan Beer : New Planet’s Off Grid Pale Ale

Ahoy, gang! It’s been a hot minute since we did a video review, so here’s a quick and dirty of New Planet’s Off Grid Pale Ale.

Let us know if you have a vegan, gluten-free beverage of choice for us to review.

From Christie and Brent, peace out, my vegans.

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The Lazy Vegan: Veggie Bratwurst

Happy Monday, Vegans! Let me take a minute to remind everyone about our December giveaways! There are still two more chances to win a Bubble & Bee Lotion Stick as well as enter to win a TofuXpress. Be sure to read the rules and enter to win some awesome prizes!

Awhile back, I reviewed Viana’s veggie gyros. It was a decent product so I thought I would try out another Viana product:


The bratwurst is made up mostly of wheat protein and tofu, so it is neither gluten-free nor soy-free. Preparation is easy — it does say “HEAT AND SERVE!” right on the package — but I have to wonder what one has to do in order for the brats to look the way they do on the package. Viana is vague on how they season their products. The texture of the bratwurst is slightly more rigid than that of your standard vegan hot dog and is definitely a bit more spicy. In terms of taste or texture, there’s no mistaking that this is a meatless product.


I heated up a brat in the microwave for a minute (hello, I am lazy and didn’t want to have to wash a pan) and ate it with garlicky fried rice. It went really well with some mustard. I won’t say I don’t like the product, but I thought it tasted a lot better with the strong garlic and mustard flavors than it did on its own. I think my general complaint about vegan sausages is that the texture is just not that appealing (read: rubbery).

I don’t think I’ll buy this product again. I would definitely try another Viana product again, though. It was good and if you have any interest in trying it, you definitely should! –Melissa

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The Cheese Post 5.0

We’ve got a lot of experience with vegan cheeses here at Turning Veganese. This is because I compulsively buy vegan cheese. What can I say; I’m vegan and I’m a hedonist.

As far as vegan cheeses go, some are good. Some are awesome. Some are not. Here’s a quick list of all our previous posts on cheeses we’ve tried.
The Cheese Post 1.1 covers some commonly available vegan cheeses.
The Cheese Post 2.0 includes the cream cheese challenge.
The Cheese Post 3.0 reviews some cheeses that are worth seeking out and some that aren’t.
The Cheese Post 4.0 looks at some sour cream and queso alternatives as well as ricotta and mozzarella substitutes.

So why all this emphasis on vegan cheese? It’s one of the hardest things to kick when you go vegan and probably the best source of saturated fat, cholesterol and bovine (goat or sheep) sex hormones that comes to my mind. I can’t have vegetables sauteed in butter without breaking out in acne. It makes me crazy… except that options are out there. We’re talking about some more options today so get your cheese loving muscles ready.

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 9.56.13 AM Nutty Cow cheeses come in 3 flavors; garlic herb, maple walnut and ricotta. Before I was vegan I was not a big fan of ricotta and even now “maple walnut” and “cheese” together kind of weirded me out conceptually but the ingredients were unobjectionable (unless you’ve got a nut or soy allergy) and the price was right (free with our regular order from Vegan Essentials) Normally they cost $5.62 for 10 ounces. That’s a big container, for the record and a great price for a vegan cheese. Unfortunately it has a very short shelf life but it does freeze and thaw relatively well (I don’t think this is recommended). The maple pecan was very sweet. It wasn’t what I expected but it’s maple so when I moved on to the garlic herb and ricotta I was surprised to find it was also very sweet. The sweetener in this case is maple sugar which is a personal favorite, just that there was a little too much. It did make a great addition to sauces which was what happened to most of it. It was also somewhat grainy in texture which isn’t a problem for a spread but is a problem for sauces. I’m hoping they reformulate because they’re doing everything else right.

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 9.59.41 AM

Parmela is a nut based parmesan that I have to revisit. The first time I reviewed this product, I loved everything about this product except the price EXCEPT that they changed their packaging and reduced the price to about $1.75 per ounce. If you come across it in your search for good vegan cheeses, give this a try. It’s great on pizza, pasta or whatever you’d normally dust with parmesan cheese. There are definitely better values out there but Eat in the Raw parmesan might not convince ardent carnists.

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 9.46.37 AM

Pure Market Express has a line of nut cheeses that I got off Vegan Cuts and they were worth E-V-E-R-Y penny. Cheddar, tomato basil, gouda, creamy herb and jalapeño cilantro were all exactly what you’d expect: creamy, cheesy and lightly flavored to mimic (but not ersatz) their intended subject. The texture is prefect for spreading on crackers or toast though the tomato basil was full of welcome pieces of tomato. The ingredients are great (raw, whole foods) and it comes in a  recyclable package. Another bonus is that this product is meant to be stored frozen. I like frozen foods because I don’t feel pressured to eat them before they spoil. On their website you can buy these cheeses at $8 for 8 ounces which is a great value as far as I’m concerned. Ours arrived melted, we refroze it and it thawed creamy and delicious. I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a cashew allergy, vegan or not. It was awesome on a teff wrap with spinach, smoky maple tempeh, a touch of mustard and royal gala apple slices.

I’m sad to report that this is all we’ve got for you today. We’re still big on Punk Rawk Labs cheeses for cheese and crackers-type applications, Daiya of all shapes, sizes and flavors for casual cheesiness, Nacho Mom’s Voodoo queso for late night snacking, and a few others including Parmela for our pasta and pizza needs (I got some for cheap on Vegan Cuts; when it runs out I might go back to Eat in the Raw). Pure Market Express might very well replace Punk Rawk Labs (which replaced Dr. Cow’s) given the price and variety of flavors. That about wraps it up.

This is Brent and Christie, signing off!

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The Other Lazy Vegans: TV Dinner 3

Amy’s has been doing well so far with their tamales so we’re branching out to try some of their Indian dishes.

This is their Mattar Tofu. It’s vegan and gluten-free.

It looked good right out of the box and went into the oven for a quick easy meal. So check this out: after heating it looked appetizing and smelled even better. We didn’t do much to it as we were eating.

This is an improvement on the tamales. I added some flake red pepper but no extra salt needed. The rice was a good texture (even if it hadn’t been previously frozen) and the veggies weren’t mooshy.

The ingredients and nutrition were pretty good. Like the other dishes in Amy’s vegan and gluten-free offerings, it contained a modest amount of oil and was salty but it was tasty, easy and not terribly expensive. I’ll probably make my own next time but I might buy this again.

This is Christie, signing off!

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Viana Organic Veggie Gyros

Gyros sandwiches are something that we typically had as a treat growing up. I’ve had birthdays where my dinner request was a gyros sandwich. If you haven’t figured it out yet, gyros is one of the things I really, really miss since turning veganese. Luckily, there is a packaged vegan version at the store for when I’m feeling lazy.

I was initially hesitant to try Viana Veggie Gyros.Some vegan substitutes can be a little heartbreaking. But I had a gyros craving so bad that I just needed to pick this up.

Here’s the good: it’s tasty, good texture, none of that grease, organic, and chock full of protein (it is a tofu/wheat product).

The bad: None.

The could-be-better: I’m used to gyros meat that is thinly sliced and these were more like ‘meat’ strips. In addition, the ‘meat’ was packaged in a way that made it a task to separate the pieces, and it many cases, I ended up breaking the pieces into much smaller chunks.

This didn’t fill my gyros craving 100%, but a lot of that was my fault. I didn’t have any pita or appropriate ingredients with which to make a vegan tzatziki  sauce, so I ate the ‘meat’ with brown rice, tomato, and onion. Since I’m used to a greasy, saucy gyros sandwich, the dish felt too dry.

I’m glad to know that this product is out there (you can buy it from Vegan Essentials) but I think I would be better off making my own vegan gyros. That will have to wait for a day when I’m not feeling like a lazy bum.

Have you tried Viana Veggie Gyros? Have you made your own? What was your experience? –Melissa

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Vegan Beer : New Planet’s 3R Raspberry Ale

What up thugs and thugettes? We’re back with our fourth installment of vegan beer reviews. In this post we take a look at New Planet’s 3R Raspberry Ale. It’s Barnivore approved, and pretty freaking tasty!

Enjoy. And from Brent and Christie, peace out, my vegans.

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Vegan Beer : Green’s Dubbel Dark Ale

Hey gang! We liked making the first video so much, we made a second. In this post, we review Green’t Dubbel Dark Ale. It’s freaking delicious.

Don’t forget to check if what you’re drinking is vegan at Barnivore!

From Brent and Christie, peace out, my vegans.

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Vegan Beer : Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale

We decided it would be a good idea to do some videos to spice up the site. So, here’s the quick and dirty for Green’s Tripel Blonde Ale!

As discussed in the video, Barnivore is a great resource to check if what you’re drinking is vegan.

From Brent and Christie, peace out, my vegans.

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The Lazy Vegan: Tofurky Chorizo

I would say that this is a classic lazy vegan post but it does require some effort, like opening a package and slaving over a hot stove for 5 minutes. I wanted a tasty dinner with minimal effort, so I decided to finally try the Tofurky Chorizo Style product that has been sitting in my fridge. It was perfect because I already had tortillas and only had to stop at the store for some pepperjack Daiya.


The product definitely looks meaty and once you open the pack, you can smell all the scrumptious spices. “That smells SPICY!” said my niece as it cooked.


I heated up the ‘chorizo’ in a mini frying pan for 5 minutes.

I served them on tortillas with some Daiya pepperjeck and a side of tomatoes. The product smelled spicy and it is tasty, but it could use more embellishment. I plan to add some garlic and/or onion powder and to serve it with hot sauce or fresh salsa. But it is good as-is and met my needs this evening.

I love Tofurky products! –Melissa


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The Other Lazy Vegans: Sausage and Eggs

If you’re thinking about burgers this Labor day weekend, you might want to check this out (and the list of beef, pork and poultry products recalled for contamination with potentially deadly bacteria at Food Safety News) before you make any important decisions about burgers. Saturday is a glorious day when I get to sleep in 2 hours before going to a grueling double session of Brazilian jiu jitsu. “Sausage” and “eggs” is the kind of all American breakfast that you’d expect a pair of martial arts enthusiasts to enjoy except that my jiu jitsu dojo was the first place in South Florida outside my vegan farmer’s market that I’d met other vegans.

This particular variety, Bahama rice sausage – swinging Italian sausage, was unassuming right out of the package. I heated them by sauteeing in my favorite fry pan and presented them along with some scrambled tofu to my fellow vegan ninja for breakfast.

The texture was nice: firm and moist. The flavor was disappointing. We tasted strong cumin and some pepper but otherwise we had to slather them with hot sauce and garlic salt (which they did compliment well) in order to make them tasty by themselves. Sadly, I wouldn’t get them again. I liked how easy they were to prepare and that I could recognize the ingredients(like rice and lentils) in the whole patty. They would be fabulous at any BBQ slathered with mustard, relish and everything else that makes a burger good!

This is Brent and Christie, signing off!

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